HERO - "Helo" Lyrics

HERO - "Helo"


Music & lyrics by Rob Kosinski

We find ourselves in silence

But we don’t understand

Dollar signs and politics

A part of us

Can we know the reasons why

We don’t know why we even try

A matter that would cut

Straight through the heart of us

There’s a road out there

We travel all our lives

Following destinies

The truth is realized

Looking through windows

We try to see inside

Find a new reality

A portrait of our lives

We never ask the question

Yet we still wonder why

There is someone suffering

Instead of us

People living, caught between

The wheels of the big machine

We just try to clear a path

Ahead of us

There's a life out there

We reach for all our lives


The dream is realized

Looking through windows

We try to see inside

We face the pain of sacrifice

To pay the price of pride

The road goes out before us

A dream is all we need

Living possibilities

Wherever they may lead

The Testing

Music by Rob Kosinski

Lyrics by Keith Leedham & Rob Kosinski

Rip back the skin

Expose the nerve

All that is being said

Is all that you've heard

No room for compromise

In this game of cut throat

Leaving defenseless to die

For the sake of monetary notes

Just a pawn in some so-called

New medical breakthrough

When it comes to human trials

It doesn't seem to work on you

But the dead are forgotten

Along with their screams and cries

As the testing continues

And another defenseless creature dies

One by one

We fight the urge to follow

We always have the strength

To turn and walk away

How can you say you act

In the name of science

We all know how things die

With a single act of defiance

Yet another poachers gun

Roars across the African plain

Another land-bound giant dies

So you can have an ornamental frame

We ask ourselves in innocence

Where did they all go

We see a picture in a magazine

Of a cage at a circus side show

One by one

We try to change the channel

We always find the time to

Look the other way

Single-minded attributes

Your own self-preservation

Is your only concern

As you plot the demise

Of your closest relation.

Out on the endless plain

A thousand thunder strong

Across the deepest sea

The sound of hunted song

We look out the windows

And we try to shield our eyes

Do we know what we're doing

Can you hear their cries

One by one

We close our eyes to reason

We never blame ourselves

And wipe the guilt away

To grant our souls some absolution